The EcoSur project, whose sole beneficiary is the CVR-Center for the Valorisation of Waste, aims at the expansion and requalification of technological infrastructures of the CVR, betting essentially in the areas of Energy Technologies and Biological Technologies. In this way, the investment in new equipment and software, as well as in human resources, is foreseen to guarantee the correct technical and financial execution of the proposed project.

In addition to promoting the laboratory's capacity building, the EcoSur project will also promote the creation of a new modality of services, within the scope of Eco-Efficiency, Resources and Materials.

This is a project funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework, under the Regional Operational Program of the North (ON.2), under the System of Support for Scientific and Technological Infrastructures, included in the Priority Theme 02 "RTD Infrastructures and Competence in a specific technology "of Priority I" Competitiveness, Innovation and Knowledge ". Thus, of the overall investment amount of € 238,900.28, € 141,219.65 comes from the European Regional Development Fund.