OvoValor II

The OvoValor II project, which brings together four Portuguese partners and a Spanish partner, consists of the follow-up and exploitation of the results of the project "OvoValor - Valorisation of egg product residues to obtain high added value compounds using the biomedical and food industry" Implemented under the IDEIA - Applied Business R & D program.

Thus, based on the results of the OvoValor project, whose development is strategic for the leading developer, the company CPC - Castro, Pinto & Costa, Lda. Intends to improve, test and develop new techniques and products for valorization of the organic fraction of the abovementioned subproducts Through the production of various bioactive peptides from the hydrolysis of the various proteins that constitute these residues, which are intended to be introduced in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical markets.

However, aiming also for the progress and sustainability of this process, it is now foreseen to integrate the inorganic fraction valorization through its application in innovative techniques of soil remediation and the possibility of its incorporation into food products thus contributing to its enrichment .

This is a project funded by the National Strategic Reference Framework, within the scope of the Competitiveness Factors Operational Program, under the System of Incentives for Research and Technological Development (SI R & TD), under the category of R & D Projects Companies in Co Promotion of the Program Strategic + E + I. Thus, of the overall investment amount of € 166,965.01, € 120,852.71 comes from the European Regional Development Fund.


Para atingir estes objetivos, o consórcio reúne:

- CPC - Castro, Pinto & Costa, Lda. (Maia);

- Derovo - Derivados de Ovos, S.A. (Pombal);

- Centro de Engenharia Biológica da Universidade do Minho (Braga);

- CVR - Centro para a Valorização de Resíduos (Guimarães);

- RVA - Recursos y Valorización Ambiental del Norte (Espanha/Corunha).