Last CVR updates
Italian school students intern at CVR
Four students from the Italian school IIS "A. Olivetti" interned at CVR. The objective of this exchange is to internationalize their skills, strengthen their language abilities, broaden horizons and anticipate their entry into the job market. CVR welcomed the students as part of the Financiamento Base Mission2GG - Grow Green project.
Green Financial Instruments for a More Sustainable Future
The commitment to the future and the need to promote a more sustainable planet reinforce the necessity of creating mechanisms to finance the transition to a low-carbon economy. Frameworks are fundamental documents in the process of issuing green bonds. CVR helps to construct this document aligned with the Principles published by the International Capital Market Association (ICMA).
Secretary of State for the Environment Visits CVR
Secretary of State for the Environment, Hugo Pires, visited the CVR - Center for Waste Valorisation to learn about the Center's work in the areas of sustainability and circular economy and to closely observe the role of the entity for academia and the business sector.
Ecotoxicity Analysis: What is it and What are the Advantages?
Ecotoxicological studies provide information on the overall toxicity of a sample and are used to assist in determining the hazardous characteristics of waste.
Creation of the Blue Point Consortium for a Blue Economy, an international alliance to combat plastic pollution in the Atlantic Ocean
Blue Point is an ambitious project seeking to address the problem of marine plastics and turn it into an opportunity to establish a Blue Circular Economy in the regions of Gipuzkoa, Cantabria, Asturias, Portugal, France and Ireland.
Consortium of the Plasma2Gas Project develops plasma gasification equipment
The Plasma2Gas Project Consortium (CVR, NEL New Energy Level, AMBITREVO and the University of Minho) has developed a microwave-induced plasma gasification equipment for the energy recovery of waste.