6th edition
International Conference: Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities 2023
Conferência Internacional: Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities 2023



The international conference Wastes: Solutions, Treatments and Opportunities is the largest event organized by CVR and one of the main vehicles for international promotion and recognition of the Centre.

After a break, due to the constraints of Covid-19, Wastes returned in 2023, from September 6th to 8th, in Coimbra, to bring to debate topics of waste management and sustainability.

The event had 232 participants from 11 countries, with 120 oral presentations and 64 posters exhibited. Learn more about the sixth edition of the Wastes Conference here.

Taking place in different Portuguese cities, Wastes is a reference forum for the presentation, clarification, debate, and exchange of ideas on waste management in a circular perspective.

The conference's scientific output includes two publications: a book of "Selected Papers" by the Taylor & Francis publisher and the "Book of Proceedings" of the event.

Learn more at www.wastes2023.org.