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Project designation | Mission2GG - Grow Green Base Funding

Funded by PRR - Recovery and Resilience Plan (, framed within the Interface Mission

Financial Support | €571,939.58

Execution Period | From 01-04-2023 to 31-03-2026

Location | Portugal

Beneficiary | CVR - Center for Waste Valorization



Description and Objectives

For the 2023-2026 triennium, CVR has developed an action plan called "Mission2GG - Grow Green", based on the activities and results to be achieved during this period.

This plan is supported by four distinct action axes:

  1. Specialization of Integrated Environmental Solutions (DIA)
  2. Sustainability of Offer
  3. Collaboration and Internationalization
  4. Technology Transfer

Axis 1 is based on the work carried out in various areas of valorization and reuse (materials, waste, energy, etc.) and aims to acquire and develop a set of resources, skills, and tools that accompany the development of knowledge on an international level. Through their dissemination, they contribute to the development of the Portuguese economy and society.

Axis 2 will encourage the development of R&D and innovation activities by the business sector, primarily through collaborative efforts, fostering the circulation of knowledge between the national innovation system and the generation of increased value within the business fabric.

Axis 3 will allow CVR's participation in major international forums for discussion and knowledge development, particularly through integration into European associations or networks. The aim is to promote growth and investment in collaboration and internationalization opportunities, showcasing R&D results and creating partnerships and collaboration networks for the dissemination and transfer of technology.

Axis 4 aims to hire highly qualified human resources, as well as capacitating and training CVR's internal workforce in areas such as project management, industrial property legislation, and patents. This will ensure increased efficiency in activities related to knowledge identification, development, transfer, and valorization, guaranteeing successful technology transfer to the market.

In this context, the CVR - Mission2GG - Grow Green Base Funding project emerges, integrated into the Action Plan developed by the Center, aiming to co-finance its execution.



Sustainable Finance
The CVR, in partnership with ISQ, is promoting an initiative that aims to bring the topic of “Sustainable Finance” to debate.
Italian school students intern at CVR
Four students from the Italian school IIS "A. Olivetti" interned at CVR. The objective of this exchange is to internationalize their skills, strengthen their language abilities, broaden horizons and anticipate their entry into the job market. CVR welcomed the students as part of the Financiamento Base Mission2GG - Grow Green project.