Project Code | NORTE-01-0246-FEDER-000056



Project | CVR.TechRe4C - Reinforcing CVR in Ecotoxicity, Sustainability and 4.0 Industry Technologies

Co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), included in the Norte 2020 – Norte’s Regional Operational Programme, Portugal 2020.

Main goals | Reinforce research, technological development and innovation

Location | North

Consortium | CVR - Centre for Waste Valorisation

Approval date | 2020-05-21

Start date | 2020-07-01

End date | 2023-08-11

Total eligible cost | 644.861,12 €

EU financial support | 548.131,95 € (ERDF)



Description, goals and results

The main objective of CVR.TechRe4C is to reinforce the laboratory and applied research capacity of CVR – Centre for Waste Valorisation, endowing it with technical-scientific equipment technologically advanced and adapting its infrastructures. These investments are fundamentals to capacitate the entity in the following areas:

1. Material, energetic and biological valorisation technologies;

2. Eco-efficiency and sustainability of resources and materials;

3. Digitization and Industry 4.0;

4. Circular Economy.

The reinforcement of skills in these 4 areas contributes decisively to CVR.TechRe4C's priorities and objectives, namely through the promotion of applied research and the development of connections and synergies between companies and institutions that work with R&D activities that, as a whole , culminate in the development of products/services with value for the target market and the environment.

Likewise, it is intended to contribute to the affirmation and promotion of regional innovation, on a national and international scale, as well as for the consolidation of research activities in the Northern region of Portugal.

With the realization of this project it is intended to promote the strengthening of collaborative relations between different institutions and research centres, with national and transnational character, as well as with the economic agents of the region, a necessary condition to promote the competitiveness of companies and dissemination of knowledge in innovative areas such as waste management/recovery.

Therefore, the acquisition of new equipment and the realization of other investments is essential to diversify and expand the offer of services through the introduction of new methods and work techniques, adding more value and the possibility to apply it to various sectors of activity, from the traditional industries, such as textiles and footwear, including the construction, metalworking and agri-food sectors.

In conclusion, the project's main objectives are:

- Promote the development of R&D activities and the development of connections and synergies;

- Promote/encourage recycling and recovery (energy, biological and/or material) of business waste and their circularity;

- Develop new services, economically viable and ecologically efficient, promoting also the dissociation between economic growth and increased consumption of resources;

- Create channels for the transfer and diffusion of knowledge/skills existing in the CVR to the economy.


Consortium of the Plasma2Gas Project develops plasma gasification equipment
The Plasma2Gas Project Consortium (CVR, NEL New Energy Level, AMBITREVO and the University of Minho) has developed a microwave-induced plasma gasification equipment for the energy recovery of waste.
CVR at the annual CTI meeting
CVR was present at the event "Innovation and Technological Valorization towards Sustainable Development Goals", which was part of the celebrations marking the 30 years of innovation agencies in Portugal (1993-2023).