EGR – EcoGreenRoof
Project nº 033728



Project: EGR - EcoGreenRoof: Development of eco-materials for green roofs.

Co-financed by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), under the COMPETE 2020 Operational Program for Competitiveness and Internationalization of Portugal 2020.

Total eligible cost: € 684.680,29
EU financial support: € 469.994,97
Self-financing: € 214.685,32

Period of execution: 01/10/2018 to 03/31/2022

Location: Portugal

NEOTURF - Construção e Manutenção de Espaços Verdes, Lda. (Lead Promoter)
W2V, S.A. (Promoter)
CVR - Centro para a Valorização de Resíduos (Promoter)
ITECONS - Instituto de Investigação e Desenvolvimento Tecnológico para a Construção, Energia, Ambiente e Sustentabilidade (Promoter)




The EGR - EcoGreenRoof aims at the development of ecological substrates, through the selection and use of industrial waste of organic and inorganic base, for application in green roofs.
The formulations will be tentatively produced exclusively from industrial waste and / or materials derived from the treatment of waste either in the inert inorganic part or in the organic vegetable component. The formulations will be developed on a pilot scale, in installation to be studied, developed and built during the project. The substrates produced will be tested under real conditions, validating them and the inherent production process, as well as obtaining essential data for their commercialization, in the technical, economic and environmental component.

It is intended to develop a system that will be based on a process of transformation and recovery of waste from different economic sectors and whose macro objectives will be:
- Reuse and valorization of resources: use of waste in a transverse way, as waste with different compositions and origins will be used;
- Development of value-added and eco-efficient products: development of substrates with recycled materials that can replace conventional products, which is aligned with the concepts of circular economy;
- Economic improvement of the green hedging sector: the use of these alternative raw materials will substantially reduce the cost of the substrates, which will also reduce the final cost of green hedging;
- Analysis of the feasibility of other applications: the feasibility of applying the selected recycled materials in the production of substrates for gardening or nurseries will be analyzed, thus increasing the range of potential customers for the solutions found;
- Environmental improvement and reduction of carbon emissions: the broad dissemination of the results of this project will enable the use of green roofing to be more widespread in the context of green urban infrastructure, promoting a better environmental quality of urban spaces. For this, the energy benefits will be quantified in the application of these substrates in green roofs.


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