National and International
National Projects International Projects
Development of advanced fibrous structures with fibrous surface treatments and coatings with high thermal efficiency and flame resistance for high added value applications.
Exchange and technology transfer on waste recovery of the processed vegetable industry of SUDOE.
Eco Sustainable Rail
Valuation of mixed plastics in the development of eco-sustainable railways.
Eco-efficiency, Innovation and Sustainability of Resources.
Fibrenamics Green
Transfer of scientific and technical knowledge from the University of Minho, through the CVR, to companies, to develop innovative technologies and products based on waste.
Artifacts for hotels and urban furniture incorporating waste
OvoValor II
Development of an integrated process to obtain compounds of high added value through the recovery of waste generated by the egg processing industry.
Development of transparent, reusable and recyclable PDMS masks produced with the latest technologies for protection from COVID-19.
Energy and waste recovery with PVC.
Energy utilization of fuels derived from waste and dry sludge.