LCR - Waste Characterization Laboratory



The LCR - Waste Characterization Laboratory is an internatioanlly accredited laboratory according to standard NP EN ISO / IEC 17025 and has a highly qualified team, with quality technical and academic training and appropriate professional in order to provide value added services to their customers.

Technical Manager:

Irene Morais (Phone: 00351 253 510 030; Email:


Hugo Antoninho (Phone: 00351 253 510 032; Email:


_ Liquid effluents;

_ Solid Waste;

_ Soils.

Liquid effluents

_ Eluates - Determination of total dissolved solids at 180 ° C (SMEWW 2540 C 23 ° Edition)

_ Eluates and Wastewater - Determination of conductivity (NP EN 27888: 1996)

_ Eluates and Wastewater - Determination of pH (NP 411: 1966)

_ Wastewater - Determination of nitrites (NP EN 26777: 1996)

Solid waste

_ Sludge;

_ Soils and Residues - Preparation of the Leaching eluate (EN 12457-4: 2002)

IPAC - Download Accreditation Annex nr. L0372

_ Chemical analysis and classification of waste for the landfill;

_ Classification / declassification of waste (hazardous / non hazardous);

_ Characterization of waste fuels (RDF's) and solid recovered fuels (SRF's);

_ Characterization of construction and demolition waste (CDW's);

  • Landfill reuse according to LNEC (E472, E473, E474);
  • Landfill (release of hazardous substances) - according to table 2 DL 102-D / 2020;

_ Characterization of sludge for disposal on agricultural land - DL 276/2009;

_ Characterization of contaminated soil;

_ Analysis of groundwater and rainwater;

_ Analysis of domestic and industrial effluents;

_ Analysis of leachate from landfills;

_ Biomass Characterization;

_ Asbestos analysis (qualitative / quantitative);

_ Tracking changes of tar in construction materials;

_ VOC Analysis - Solvent Plan.


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The CVR, in partnership with ISQ, is promoting an initiative that aims to bring the topic of “Sustainable Finance” to debate.
Italian school students intern at CVR
Four students from the Italian school IIS "A. Olivetti" interned at CVR. The objective of this exchange is to internationalize their skills, strengthen their language abilities, broaden horizons and anticipate their entry into the job market. CVR welcomed the students as part of the Financiamento Base Mission2GG - Grow Green project.