LCR - Waste Characterization Laboratory



The LCR - Waste Characterization Laboratory is an internatioanlly accredited laboratory according to standard NP EN ISO / IEC 17025 and has a highly qualified team, with quality technical and academic training and appropriate professional in order to provide value added services to their customers.

Technical Manager:

Irene Morais (Phone: 00351 253 510 030; Email:


Hugo Antoninho (Phone: 00351 253 510 032; Email:


_ Liquid effluents;

_ Solid Waste;

_ Soils.

Liquid effluents

_ Eluates - Determination of total dissolved solids at 180 ° C (SMEWW 2540 C 23 ° Edition)

_ Eluates and Wastewater - Determination of conductivity (NP EN 27888: 1996)

_ Eluates and Wastewater - Determination of pH (NP 411: 1966)

_ Wastewater - Determination of nitrites (NP EN 26777: 1996)

Solid waste

_ Sludge;

_ Soils and Residues - Preparation of the Leaching eluate (EN 12457-4: 2002)

IPAC - Download Accreditation Annex nr. L0372-1

_ Chemical analysis and classification of waste for the landfill;

_ Classification / declassification of waste (hazardous / non hazardous);

_ Characterization of waste fuels (CDR's) and solid recovered fuels (CSR's);

_ Characterization of construction and demolition waste (CDW's);

_ Characterization of sludge for disposal on agricultural land;

_ Characterization of contaminated soil;

_ Analysis of groundwater and rainwater;

_ Analysis of domestic and industrial effluents;

_ Analysis of leachate from landfills;

_ Biomass Characterization;

_ VOC Analysis - Solvent Plan.


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