LEG-LAR - Laboratory for Gaseous Emissions and Noise Assessment 



LEG-LAR - Laboratory for Gaseous Emissions and Noise Assessment is an internationally accredited laboratory since 2013 according to the NP EN ISO / IEC 17025 standard and has a highly qualified team, with technical quality and adequate academic and professional training in order to provide value-added services for its customers. In order to improve air quality, the LEG-LAR- Laboratory of Gaseous Emissions and Noise Assessment provides services such as the characterization of gaseous efluents in industrial fixed sources, from all types of industry (ceramics, metallurgy, textile, industry automobile and workshops, among others), in view of the legislation in force (DL 39/2018).

The service provided offers the guarantee of technical and human resources with quality, using the appropriate and properly calibrated equipment, as well as the Portuguese and European standards of reference.

Technical Manager: 

Rosa Silva (Phone: 00351 253 510 026; Email:


Jorge Pereira (Phone: 00351 962 967 284 Email:


_ Gaseous effluents.

_ Total suspended particles (PTS) - NP EN 13284-1:2017 e ISO 9096:2017;

_ Total volatile organic compounds (VOCs) - EN 12619: 2013;

_ Combustion gases: CO - EN 15058:2017; NOx - EN 14792:2017; CO2; O2 - EN 14789:2017; SO2 - EN 14791:2017; H2S - VDI 3486-2:1979;

_ Flow characterization Temperature; Pressure; Humidity - EN 14790:2017; Speed; Flow - EN ISO 16911-1:2013.

IPAC - Download Accreditation Annex nr. L0652-1

_ Fluorinated inorganic compounds - ISO 15713: 2006;

_ Chlorinated inorganic compounds - EN1911: 2010;

_ Heavy metals: EN 14385: 2004 and EPA 29: 2017;

_ Non-methane volatile organic compounds (NMVOC) and methane (CH4): EN 12619: 2013;

_ Environmental noise assessment;

_ Occupational noise assessment;

_ Evaluation of ambient air at work;

_ Thermal comfort assessment;

_ Evaluation of indoor air quality;

_ Illuminance assessment and vibration studies;

_ Evaluation of chemical contaminants at workstations.


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