LMG - Geotechnical and Materials Laboratory



The LMG - Geotechnical and Materials Laboratory provides services for the characterization of civil construction materials, geotechnical studies and activities related to geotechnics. For this, it counts on a specialized technical team with extensive experience in the field of civil construction.

Technical Manager:

Hugo Antoninho (Phone: 00351 253 510 032; Email:


_ Characterization of cement;

_ Characterization of mortars;

_ Characterization of bitumen;

_ Characterization of rocks;

_ Characterization of aggregates in the laboratory and in situ;

_ Characterization of soils in the laboratory and in situ;

_ Characterization of RCD's in accordance with the specifications and LNEC E 473 474:2009, LNEC 474:2009, LNEC E 483:2016, LNEC E 484:2016 and LNEC E 485:2016.


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