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IDT - Department of Research and Development 



The IDT - Department of Research and Development promotes and implements research projects and development of waste treatment and recovery. Depending on the work of this Department following laboratory space: Biological Treatments, hydrometallurgical treatment, incorporation into ceramics and cementitious materials in the Merger.


_ Biodegradability processes of polymers and biopolymers;

_ Decontamination processes of contaminated soils and liquid effluents;

_ Advanced thermochemical processes (pyrolysis and gasification);

_ Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and carbon footprint evaluation;

_ Evaluation and production of low cost adsorbents;

_ Industrial waste usage in the construction industry;

_ Recovery of metals and metallic salts from wastes;

_ Biological treatment processes;

_ Waste-to-energy processes;

_ Material recovery from animal by-products;

_ Biofuels production.


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